Co-op CTE Internships

State-Approved CTE Program Training Agreement

Work-based Learning and Training at offsite locations while earning classroom credit.

Students have the opportunity at Anchor Bay High School to work at an offsite job to learn skills related to a vocation or career of interest.  They must have an articulation agreement between the employer and the school in order to work at the job.  Additionally,  it must be a valid related training plan as outlined in their career/educational goals in their (EDP).   The student must fulfill job duties as outlined in the trainee's employment file.  Transportation is the responsibility of the student. Students must adhere to safety requirement as identified by MI-OHSA and their supervisor.  Visits from the school vocational certified teacher are made regularly throughout the school year.  Students who are absent from school are not allowed to work that day at their placement site.   Time sheets are to be filled and turned in to Office Manager in Counseling Department each week. - 1 credit course.  Please visit Sherry Kenward, Director of Student Services in the Counseling Office or call 648-2525 ext. 2339.