Anchor Bay Junior Honors Academy

Middle School North

A two year accelerated academic program designated for the motivated middle school student.

The Junior Honors Academy courses are designed for the talented and serious academic student who is willing to rise to the challenge of intense, independent and in-depth work. Students that participate in the Junior Honors Academy will be prepared to pursue advanced courses in the High School Honors Academy. In high school, the academy provides a rigorous academic program where students may take 7 or more Advanced Placement classes.


  6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
MATH Honors Math 6 Honors Math 7 Honors Algebra I
SCIENCE Science 6 Honors Science 7 Honors Science 8
ENGLISH Honors Language Arts 6 Honors Language Arts 7 Honors English 8
SOCIAL STUDIES Social Studies 6 Honors Social Studies 7 Honors Social Studies 8

Anchor Bay High School Honors Academy students have the opportunity to work in a cohort within the same house with the same core academic teachers. Yet they may still pursue elective choices and extra-curricular activities along with all students. The smaller learning community will challenge students to pursue excellence both in academic course work and leadership skills. Students will be introduced to the problem-solving learning cycle and the Socratic Method.