MSS D.C. Trip 2024

2024 Washington D.C. 8th Grade Trip May 2nd - 4th

2024 Departure Meeting Documents

2024 Trip Itinerary

2024 Trip App Download Instructions

2024 TSA Carry On Requirements 

2024 Till Payment Info

D.C. Room and Chaperone List

Departure Info

We depart Thursday, May 2nd from Detroit Metro Airport from the EVANS North Terminal. 

Transportation is not provided to or from the airport. 

Students need to be at in the terminal by 4:45am.

Once in the terminal, students/chaperones will meet our tour guide, Greg Johnson, receive their lanyards and be paired into chaperone groups. (Chaperone and room list is provided on the link below.)

Mr. Duffield will be the Middle School South point person on the trip responsible for all student and chaperone related issues. 

If parents would like to stay with students at the gate until departure, they must visit the Destination Pass Kiosk located in the terminal with their ID.  If you are approved through the Destination Pass Kiosk, a pass will be printed, and you will be able to use that to enter airport security.  

For specific Airport Security Questions: Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW): (734) 247-7678

Students do not need identification or birth certificates to travel. 

Boarding Passes will be handed out as groups approach security. 

We will not be checking any baggage, only carry-ons are allowed on this trip. 

Please remember to pack an extra pair of shoes and a raincoat in case of inclement weather. 

Our flight departs @ 6:25am on Southwest Flight 3101.

We have a layover at Midway Airport in Chicago before boarding Southwest Flight 1698 to Washington D.C.


Trip Itinerary Info

Once we are in D.C., students will be transported throughout the area on a charter bus. 

At each transition, chaperones will be responsible for supervising and accounting for their group of 4 students and reporting back to Mr. Duffield. 

Trip Itinerary is provided on the link below. 

Each night we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in College Park, Maryland.  The rooming list is provided on the link below. 

Security is provided by Student Adventures from 10:00pm - 5:00am each night. 

Meal allowances will provided via Till Cards.  If you haven't already registered your card, please do not do so now as Student Adventures will load one for you.   

Each meal students/chaperones will have $15 loaded onto their card.  Till payment information is provided on the link below. 

If your child needs assistance with any type of medication, please email Mr. Latona ( and he will notify the chaperone for your child's group. 

Please download the Student Adventures Trip App to follow the group during our time in D.C.  Instructions are provided on the link below. 


Return Info

Our group will leave D.C. on Saturday, May 4th @ 3pm on Southwest Flight 1562. 

Again, we have a layover at Midway Airport in Chicago before boarding Southwest Flight 1902 to Detroit Metro. 

We will arrive at Detroit Metro @ approximately 7:40pm.  

Please have rides ready to pick students up from the Evans North Terminal.