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Francois Maconce Elementary School, in partnership with the community, will provide a learning environment by delivering quality instruction that promotes curiosity, creativity and the desire in students to reach their full potential.

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Board of Education Meetings Go In-Person
Virtual Students & Testing

On April 8th, the Michigan Department of Education alerted school districts that Virtual students may choose to participate in testing.  Please review the attached updated letter regarding 3rd - 5th grade testing.

If you have any questions, please call your "home" school Principal.

MISD Bilingual/EL Alternative Language Program

Tutors will be available to assist students with homework and provide skills to improve reading, writing and speaking the English language. Students grades K through 12 are welcome. Parents will have conversational, reading or writing sessions while students receive homework support.

Kindergarten 2021-22 Registration starts February 16th!

We Love Kindergarten and your kid will too! Visit for more information.External LinkRegistration Paperwork is available on our enrollment page. 

 View our "We love Kindergarten - Get Registered, Get Ready" video

Click here to watch the Kindergarten Readiness Night presentation.

Free Meals Extended Through June 2021

Each Anchor Bay student can get one free break and one free lunch each learning day!

Questions? Call 586-598-7663

Extra food items will be at cost. 



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Honor Roll 5th Grade: Jaqueline Austin, Chloe Boura, Edon Doresi, Colt Dunbar, Clare Duncan, Talon Geck, Jocelyn Gomez Huante, Charles Haines, Anthony Hodgkin, Konnor Kapa, Samantha Lehti, Jadyn Marshall, Sharay Molina, Layla Placido, Alex Potts, Conner Taube and Rachel Vajda. 4th Grade: Mya Akins, Matthew Barnwell, Aliah Billiau, Mason Bowman, Serenity Bryson, Savannah Buchte, Autum Cavanary, Brenden Finch, Jade Floyd, Antonino LaSala, Gabrielle Leatherwood, Kylie Maharath, Arianna Massey, Averie Maul, Ava Mettler, Landon Miller-Wall, Sarah Pipe, Henry Potts, Mason Reece, Cameron Sharrow, Grace Shellenbarger, Drew Taube, Molly Timmons and Daniel Toussaint
Maconce 2020-2021 Kaleidoscope Winner Congratulations - Maconce Kaleidoscope Winner 2020-2021 Anthony Hodgkin, 5th Grade-Mrs. Ciaramella Camping with my Dad By: Anthony Hodgkin “Anthony! Get packet up your dad is going to be her any minute from now.” Mom said. “ok” I said. I then quickly packed my stuff. I was going camping with my dad. My dad arrived and said, “are you ready to camp on the river?” “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.”I yelped. On our drive we stopped to get sum bait and before we got to our campsite. The first thing we did when we arrived was to make a campfire and let me tell you there was a cloud of smoke. "Anthony don't breathe in the smoke.” dad said “ok”. Then I went fishing and caught a largemouth bass. It was small like a baby fish. I almost caught another one but lost it. After a day of fishing, I went to sleep, but we could not get comfortable on the air mattress. I stayed up all night. Finally, we went into the truck, put on the heaters, and fell asleep. The next morning, we made a campfire and cooked hot chocolate pancakes. They were delicious! Shortly after we took our boat out to just drive it. We went upriver and caught a small mouth bass. Five hours later we found nothing, and it was time to get back. So, we paddled and got to where we put our canoe. We went back to our campsite, packed up and got the heck out of there.

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Maconce Elementary

6300 Church Rd.
Ira, MI 48023
Phone: (586) 725-0284
Fax: (586) 725-2037


Jay Seletsky

Office Staff

Debra Kolomjec
Office Manager
Beth Sluck
Data Para Professional

Standard Day:
9:13 AM - 2:58 PM
Half Day:
9:13 AM - 11:48 AM


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