Anchor Bay School Year & Events Calendar

2021-2022 School Year Calendar

Families were sent the Tentative 2021-22 School Year Calendar in July 2021. The school calendar is subject to collective bargaining, and we have worked with the ABEA to come to an agreement. The 2021-22 dates will be presented in August to the Board for approval, but we felt it was best to share the dates now so families can begin making plans. If there are any changes, we will publicize those in order to keep everyone as informed as possible.

How to use the calendar:

You can select the calendar for your school(s) by clicking on the drop-down menu that says "1 selected." 

To view all events for the year, click on "Show All" in the other drop-down menu.

You can also subscribe to calendars and updates will go directly to your phone/calendar. Just click on the iCal link below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

*All dates are subject to change.