Aquatic & Recreation

Aquatic Center Child Watch Now Open

Looking to participate in a water aerobic class, or swim laps and need someone to watch your child(ren)? Aquatic Center Child Watch is now OPEN!!! Only $3 per child/ per visit. For more information call 586-716-4623


Interested in booking a field trip for your students DURING THE SCHOOL DAY:

  • Call us, to ensure the date/time is available, preferably Friday’s.
  • Call Transportation, (586) 725-4220, to reserve a bus
  • I will interoffice Building Use form with confirmation of date/time and cost is minimal - $10 per lifeguard per hour with a flat rate of $10 - $25 based on number
  • Emphasize if students have not passed a deep-water swim test, they will need to take one before entering the deep end of the pool.

Parent Teacher Groups

If you’re interested in booking an AFTER-SCHOOL Swim Party:

  • Call us, set-up a date/time
  • This type of rental requires a community rental form; the price is determined on length of time and the number of participants

Birthday Parties

If you're interested in having a birthday party, Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons, please call for booking information.