Health Occupations

Health Occupations I

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to explore many different health careers through class work, and speakers. They will learn how they can make a difference in the health of their community. Students will also study anatomy, physiology and diseases of the human body. Students are given the opportunity to become first aid and adult CPR certified.

Health Occupations II

Students will continue to research and study different health occupations during this two-hour block class. They will explore several jobs in depth, such as nurse assistant, medical assistant, physical therapy assistant, dental assistant, etc. Students go off site to job shadow at a local area hospital. Purchasing of scrubs is required in order to job shadow. Students will be instructed in proper body mechanics and universal precautions. They will continue their studies in medical language and Human Anatomy and Physiology. Students can qualify for our Internship Program through this class also. See T & I Internship Program.

Health Occupations III

Students will continue their studies in Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy and Physiology. Upon completion of their third year of Medical Terminology students may qualify for college credit through Articulation Agreements with various area colleges and universities. Students will choose a particular career and study it in depth at a beginning college level. See T & I Internship Program. Students will be responsible for organizing a blood drive here at the high school.