Graphic Arts


The class is run as a “hands on” experience with the students taking each project from concept to completion. It’s a unique and fun way to learn new things. Some of their work was seen at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit as well as other local competitions.

It is open to all students and all grade levels and can be taken as an Intro for one semester or yearlong in the Graphics I. Students can keep taking the class as Advanced Graphics is available as both a single yearlong class or a 2-hour block for II, III and IV’s also.

Graphic Arts

The term graphics relates to visual, and the term communication refers to the exchange of information in any form.  This class is designed for ALL students who are interested in learning how to design and then create.  Students will use words, pictures, photographs and a combination of these items to design and produce various projects.  Some examples of these objects include, magazine and newspaper advertisements, posters, CD covers, flyers, and business forms.  Although computers will be used for a majority of these projects, previous computer experience and artistic ability is not a must.  Student will learn by doing.  Projects are designed to build hands on skills.  Students will also study the steps to print and media production, giving them an industry overview.

(GRADES  9-12)

Students will learn by doing hands on projects in this class.  The students will learn about graphics, printing, and the steps it takes to produce a job.  They gain computer knowledge and advertising techniques designing and creating projects.  They’ll use InDesign and be introduced to Photoshop.  They produce a set of memo pads and business cards to keep as well as a couple other computer projects.  The students will have access to the entire graphic class and the equipment to complete these assignments.  Safety and quality will be constantly stressed. This course satisfies ½ credit for the Applied Art requirement.

(GRADES 9-12)

This course is designed to use the student’s creativity and increase skill levels through different projects and apply it to real life scenarios.  They will continue working in InDesign and Photoshop.  They will also be introduced to Illustrator.  Students will design and produce ads, posters, CD covers and many other projects.  The students will also be introduced to full color printing.  Quality and safety are stressed.  Students will also be starting to create a portfolio of their work and be entering local craftsmanship contests.  This course satisfies 1 credit for the Applied Art requirement.

(6187/8) - FULL YEAR – 1 HOUR/1 CREDIT

(GRADES 10-12)

This course is designed to prepare students for careers in the rapidly growing graphics arts/visual arts field.  They will continue working in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  They will be introduced to animation in Photoshop.  Students will be working on projects in electronic publishing including posters, logo design, product and packaging, advertising campaigns, one color printing, flat color printing and production printing.  They will continue to build on skills for applying their work in real life scenarios.  Students will be adding to their portfolio.  Quality and safety are stressed.  Students will be entering local craftsmanship contests. This course satisfies 1 credit for the Applied Art requirement.

This class may be repeated. 

PREREQUISITE:  Graphic Arts I or Introduction to Graphic Arts.