Anchor Bay's broadcasting class just keeps growing. This year there are two classes which allowed the students to venture out and add unique segments to the broadcast. Students filmed sporting events, produced and editing commercials and public service announcements. They also produced a daily broadcast that is shown to the school and played on Comcast Channel 6 two times a day.

The class is run as a "hands on" experience with the students filling all the roles found in an actual news broadcast. The students research the stories that they report on and can even do "in the field" assignments. One day they may be anchoring behind the news desk and the next time running the camera or directing. They even get a chance to run the soundboard and toaster. No, they are not making breakfast; the toaster is a VT-3 Editing Computer program that allows for the whole broadcast to be put together with the special effects, blue screen, news clips, and transitions.

So keep your TV's tuned to WABS Channel 6 to see what new things Anchor Bay's broadcasting class is up to!