Child Studies

The child studies courses are part of the CTE program at ABHS, under the Education General CIP code 13.0000. There are three levels to this program. Each course covers competencies that if a student completes all competencies over the 3 courses, can then apply for a CDA (Child Development Associates) or a MiYda (Michigan Youth Development Associates) certificates.  The CDA certification is for students interested in working with youth ages birth to 5 years old in an Early Childhood career setting. The MiYDA certificate is for students interested in working with youth ages 5 and up (school age children) in education or youth group settings.   

(GRADES 9-12)

In this course students will study factors of Child Development relating to the major areas including; Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, and Moral development, fetal development, conception/pregnancy and infant health and safety. The major assessment of this course is the Real Care Infant Simulator experience, where for one weekend the student will take home a simulation infant and provide around the clock care.  Students will also explore careers and have multiple opportunities to connect their educational decisions to career options. Career awareness, exploration, preparation, and training may include field trips, guest speakers, job shadows, and job placements as part of this course. Competencies mastered in this course include Health, Safety, and Wellness and Cultural Competency.  The course would start the CDA or MiYDA certification process, but is not mandatory to earn these certifications. Student may still enroll in this course to satisfy their ½ Credit of Applied Arts.   

(GRADES 9-12)

This class is a continuation of Child Development I. Students will study the four areas of a child's development from ages one to twelve. Theory, health and safety, positive guidance, special needs of children and careers with children will all be thoroughly addressed. Students will have the opportunity to observe young school aged children, as well as preschool aged children.  Students will also explore child safety, babysitting skills, and careers in child development.  

Competencies mastered in this course include Physical Growth & Development, Social Emotional Growth & Development, and Cognitive Growth & Development. The course would continue the CDA or MiYDA certification process, but is not mandatory to earn these certifications. Student may still enroll in this course to satisfy their ½ Credit of Applied Arts.   

PREREQUISITE: Child Development I

(GRADES 11-12)     

The Teacher Cadet class is an innovative, yearlong teacher training course designed for the student who is curious about going into the field of education. This course seeks to provide the student with an insight into many facts of education, including a work-based learning teaching opportunity. The main focus will be teaching, but the course does expand to all aspects of the field of education. Students will do a field work placement in an elementary or middle school classroom in the district. Competencies mastered include ethics & professional growth, instructional strategies, lesson planning, classroom management, assessment, Work Based learning/Clinical Placement, Career Readiness Practice, strategic partnerships, program development, and special populations and diverse learners.  

This course is mandatory to complete process for the CDA or MiYDA certifications, however it is not mandatory for a student to complete the certification. Students may still enroll in this course as part of their high school graduation credits, and is part of the CTE world language and applied arts credits if needed. 

PREREQUISITE: Recommended to take Child Development 1 and 2. Juniors and Seniors, a completion of application which includes 3 teacher recommendation forms and an essay piece. The instructor will review all applications. Good attendance is required. Students need to have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or above and no major discipline infractions. Students are also responsible for their own transportation to and from the field placement (either as a driver to or with another student driver). See Counselor or instructor for details and application.