Business / Internship / Technology

Computer Information Systems (1 & 2)

Microsoft office 2010, Word, Excel, Power point, Access, Publisher.

Pre-Microsoft Specialist Certification. this course will continue to develop strong skills in Microsoft Office 2003. Students will also obtain a greater understanding and proficiency in Word, power point, desktop Publishing, Multimedia, and Publisher. Digital Cameras, scanners will be used for presentations along with proper use of the internet.
Students will develop proficiency with the integration of Excel and Access in the Microsoft Office 2010 Pre-Microsoft Specialist Certification.

Prerequisite: Business Computer Technology (preferred)

Business Administration (1 & 2)

Job interviewing, Web design, Microsoft office 2010, Adobe Photo Shop, Payroll, Calculators, Transcription, Tablet PC's, Mini Computers, Flip Camcorders (technology, technology, Technology)

This class is recognized as the business internship program.

Develop technical skills for the 21st century including learning how to use Palm Pilots, PDA's,(hot sync, scheduling, business contacts, expense exports), also developing web sites using Front Page, Publisher, and Internet using Web 2.0 sites for personal and professional use. (Scanners and digital cameras will be used). Some students will become proficient with the interview process and develop employability skills preparing professional resumes and a variety of job-seeking correspondence. Business ethics will be explored along with colleges and careers.

Students will be exposed to Adobe Photo Shop, and will use Microsoft 2010 to assist in producing class work. Team projects will explore Career Pathways. Students will also be exposed to foundations such as: the accounting cycle, payroll systems, records management, marketing projects, telecommunications, net books, flip camcorders, and Tablet PC's.

This course is highly recommended if you are considering the Internship Program.
Prerequisite: Business computer Technology/CIS/Business Administration I (preferred)

Business Management (Full year)

Portfolios, income tax, Voice & Handwriting, Personal Investing--Stocks, International Business, Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications (formerly MOUS)

This class must be taken with the Business Internship

Exploring stock market and international business are an integral part of this course. Students will learn how to manage money wisely and live independently without having a bad credit. Checking accounts will be explored using Quicken. Students will also be exposed to learning how to prepare a 1040 EZ tax form. In addition, students will prepare for the Microsoft Specialist certification Exam (formerly MOUS). Leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurial skills will be developed. At the end of the course, students will have completed a professional portfolio.

Prerequisite: Business Computer Technology/Intro. to Business/CIS/Business Administration (preferred)

Internship Experience (Full Year)

Get the chance to work in offices around the New Baltimore are during the school day - paid positions, experience, school credit.

the student receives ONE hour of credit for work experience. The student will work in an entry-level office position a minimum of 15 hours a week. Either the coordinator or the student will determine this job. Both the coordinator and employer will complete evaluations. the student must be enrolled in the business related class. All the students must fill out an application for entry into this experience.

Prerequisite: Business Computer Technology/CIS/Business Administration (preferred) ; department approval.