Transportation Technology

Engine Performance and Engine Repair

This course is offered to high school students at Anchor Bay Middle School South. Instruction in this class will deal specifically with engine control and the operation of the automobile gasolinr engine. Students will study the operation of the engine and will recieve classroom and shop instruction in engine service short of major over haul. Engine systems and service such as timing belt/chain service, head gasket service, seals and gasket service and replacement, cooling, lubrication, ignition, and fuel system service will be included in the Engine Repair Section (approxamately 8 weeks). The Engine Performance Section (approximately 12 weeks) will deal with the operation and diagnosis of engine control systems. (Computer Control) ignition systems, emission systems and related engine control systems will be covered. Electrical and electronic theory, logic based diagnosis, use of scan tools and information systems will be included. Safety glasses and protective clothing are required.

Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems and Air Conditioning

Instruction in electrical and electronic systems in the chassis and body of today's automobiles will be covered. Students will study electrical and electronic theory and will develop a logic based approach to diagnosis and repair of common electrical problems. Use of scan tools, lab scopes, and hand held test equipment will be included. Students will also study heating and air conditioning system theory and service, including basic service and repair. (system testing, evacuation, and re-charge and component replacement.) Safety glasses and protective clothing are required. Purchase of personal digital multi-meter suggested.