Agricultural Science

Agricultural Overview

Applied Horticulture

The CTE Applied Horticulture program here at Anchor Bay High School has really helped students achieve skills in the different career areas of the horticulture field. Students are learning the principles of horticultural science; basic techniques of horticulture, including soil management, plant propagation, selection and maintenance of plant materials, and landscape design. We will begin planting annual and perennial flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs in our greenhouse in early April.

Students have also been learning about Turf Management and Care. Our class works on the football, baseball, soccer and practice fields, seeding, fertilizing, and maintaining the grass. In Coastal Flora, our student-run floral shop, we have many new arrangements, gifts, and fresh flowers, all designed by our students.

Students experience business management skills of a retail flower shop by designing floral displays; handling flowers, plants, and floral accessories. Also, students learn the aesthetic principles of design firsthand as they create a series of floral compositions from natural and artificial materials.

CTE courses are very important to many high school students. These classes promote new ideas and give students many skills that can be learned first hand. These skills will be used for the rest of their lives.

Remember to stop by Coastal Flora to pick up your garden plants and flowers this year in early May!

Reminder: 5th and 6th hour @ South

Plants For Sale!!

We offer a variety of plants for sale through our greenhouse such as annuals and perennials. Come on down and select yours today!!