Applied Horticulture


An introduction into Applied Horticulture is intended to give students the basic knowledge they need to be successful in landscaping and horticulture. Students will learn about plant biology, care, and processing. Students will also, investigate other products used by landscaping professionals. Emphasis of hands-on activities include outdoor planting, growing flowers in the greenhouse, and assisting in the maintenance of school grounds. Field trips will allow students to get a firsthand look at the ever-expanding field of horticulture as well as opportunities for employment.

Topics Covered: 

Level 1 (1st Semester Taken) 

  • Botany Fundamentals (Segment 2) 
  • Leadership (Segment 3) 
  • Growing Methods / Crop Production (Segment 4) 
  • Soil & Growing Media (Segment 5) 
  • Plant Nutrition (Segment 6) 
  • Integrated Pest Management (Segment 9) 
  • Safety (Segment 11)

 Level 2 (2nd Semester Taken) 

  • Sustainable Horticulture (Segment 1) 
  • Leadership (Segment 3) 
  • Greenhouse Operations (Segment 7) 
  • Business Management (Segment 8) 
  • Greenhouse Industry Skills (Segment 10) 
  • Safety (Segment 11) 
  • Career Success (Segment 12)