The Anchor Bay Community Foundation is proud to be able to offer a series of scholarships to graduating high school students who intend to continue their studies in higher education.

For 2024 we have scholarships available for high school graduates. Here are some tips for completion of the applications:

The name of the scholarship may not reflect what the areas of study are for an individual selection. Be sure to read the first page of each listing to see what the area(s) of study are, whether they are intended for college/university, trade school, apprenticeship, business or technical program. Each application has different requirements. Make sure to provide all of the required supporting materials when submitting applications. If the application is not complete it will be denied.

Some scholarships are available only for Anchor Bay High School students. Others are for graduating high school seniors who are residents of the Anchor Bay School District or Macomb County. A student may apply for more than one scholarship.

All scholarship deadlines are by the end of day April 5, 2024. Winners will be announced in May 2024. Apply! Apply! Apply! Thank you.

**When attaching documents for the scholarships, please attach all required documents where attaching documents is allowed! If you have any questions, please speak with Ms. Barczak in the counseling office!

Local Scholarships

Local Scholarships and Deadlines:

General Scholarships

General Scholarships and Deadlines: