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Mission Statement

Anchor Bay Schools, in partnership with the community, will produce lifelong learners who respect diversity, adapt to change, and function as responsible citizens.

Picture of Lighthouse Elementary

Lighthouse Elementary

51880 Washington St
New Baltimore, MI 48047
(586) 725-6404
(586) 648-2500 ext. 1901 for absent students
(586) 725-4016 Fax

Principal: Sandy Youngert
Office Manager: Sue Morisette
Data Paraprofessional: Pam Kraft
PTO Email:

Mission Statement

Lighthouse staff, in partnership with parents and community, will provide a safe and nurturing environment in which students can develop independent thinking skills and achieve their fullest potential.

School Times

Standard Day: 8:36AM—3:32PM
Half Day: 8:36AM—12:06PM

Brainstormers Assembly

Thank you to the Michigan Humanities Council, the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, and our very own Parent-Teacher group for the funding of our Brainstormers Assemblies. The Brainstormers troupe came to Lighthouse on January 14th and taught students the major elements of a good story. They will return to our school on March 25th to perform stories written by our own authors here at Lighthouse! Thank you for bringing writing to life for our children!

Lighthouse Elementary's NCA Goals

All students will improve in reading comprehension. Students will improve their ability to read narrative/informational text.
For the students...

  • Literacy tutors
  • Weekly literacy class
  • Classroom D.E.A.R. Time
  • Model and guide students to use key features of informational text
  • Instruction on use of comprehension strategies
  • Strategies to improve reading fluency
  • DRA Assessments at least twice per school year
  • Macomb Intermediate School District Literacy Units in grades 3 – 5

Staff development...

  • Professional Development in Guided Highlighted Reading
  • Use of mentor texts to provide examples of key features of narrative and informational text
  • Staff training in MAISA Reading Units

All students will improve their writing skills. Students will improve their ability to add details to their writing
For the students...

  • Literacy tutors
  • 6+1 Trait lessons
  • Writing activities in all curriculum areas (science, social studies, math)
  • Writing process concepts and ideas
  • Focus on organization and details in opinion writing

Staff development...

  • Words Their Way word study program
  • Use of mentor texts to provide examples of good writing for students
  • Staff training in MAISA Writing Units

All students will improve their mathematical abilities. Students will improve basic skills of geometry, fractions, and measurement
For the students...

  • Math tutors
  • Classroom focus on math vocabulary
  • Show and Share math strategies & using more than one strategy to solve a math problem

Staff development...

  • Use Daily Math Reviews in the classroom
  • Professional Development focusing on Common Core concepts
  • Professional Development focusing on Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies
  • Atlas Rubicon curriculum mapping system

 All students will improve their Social Studies skills
For the students...

  • Core Democratic Values vocabulary and application
  • Close and Critical reading strategies to improve text comprehension

Staff Development …

  • Professional Development in Guided Highlighted reading

All students will improve their Science skills
For the students...

  • Classroom focus on the scientific process
  • Close and Critical reading strategies to improve text comprehension

Staff Development …

  • Professional Development in Guided Highlighted reading
  • Professional Development in Next Generation Science Standards

Positive Behavior System:

Lighthouse students are becoming "Lemur Leaders".  The children earn "Lemur Loot" by displaying one of Lighthouse’s BAY Lights:

  • Be Safe
  • Always Respectful
  • You are responsible for your actions

This program supports student learning of the values behind the BAY Lights and establishes intrinsic rewards for positive behavior.  Lighthouse students are safe, respectful, and responsible!


Do you need to see the Principal or speak with your child’s teacher? Please call first, or stop in the office. Going directly to your child’s classroom can be very disruptive to daily instruction. It also doesn’t allow you or the teacher the time you may need to discuss matters.

Meijer Community Rewards Program:

Shop, Earn, Share. Just by using your Meijer Community Rewards card, (similar to a Kroger card) your school earns cash. You can join in one of three ways: Internet join on line at, your card will arrive in 2 weeks. Paper application complete the form that was sent home recently (or get one in the office) and mail it in. In Store Join when you apply for a Meijer Credit Card. If you -have an existing card simply call 800-962-7011. OUR MEIJER I.D. # IS 468195. Thank you for all your support.

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