Anchor Bay School District

Mission Statement

Anchor Bay Schools, in partnership with the community, will produce lifelong learners who respect diversity, adapt to change, and function as responsible citizens.

Picture of Ashley Elementary

Ashley Elementary

52347 Ashley
New Baltimore, MI 48047
(586) 725-2801
(586) 725-4426 Fax

Principal: Jack Stanton
Office Manager: Lydia Kemling
Data Paraprofessional: Terry Koch

Mission Statement

The Ashley Elementary community will create a positive environment that will foster the growth of students academically and socially. We will encourage our students to become responsible, kind, and respectful citizens.

Vision Statements

Student Attendance Voice-Mailbox

(586) 725-2801 Extension 3

School Times

Standard Day: 9:06AM—4:02PM
Half Day: 9:06AM—12:36PM
AM Kindergarten: 9:06AM—12:16PM


 Ashley Elementary held their 2nd annual Seadog Shuffle on October l7th which raised approximately $7,800. This  will be used towards purchasing new projector/document camera for the classrooms.  Each student that participated in the shuffle and raised $100 in pledges had the chance to “slime and shine” our principal, Mr. Stanton, with pies, silly string and water guns.  The students and staff had a great time walking the seadog shuffle as well as ending the day with the “Slime and Shine” assembly.  The lucky winners of the new projector/document cameras will go to Mrs. Bergeron, Mrs. Doerr, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Morisette. Click here for more photos.

Principal of the Day

 The top fundraiser for the Seadog Shuffle was Von Taylor, who was Principal of the Day on Friday, October 17.  As Principal, Mr. Taylor toured the building and welcomed students to school.  Later, he signed a decree awarding his class an extra recess at a later date.  He also assisted with setting up for the Seadog Shuffle and helped supervise students during lunch in the cafeteria.  Additionally, Mr. Taylor won a free face painting and the opportunity to “Slime and Shine” Mr. Stanton.


The New Baltimore Fire Department came to Ashley Elementary on October 9th to teach the children about fire prevention and safety. Children from kindergarten through 2nd grade viewed a short video about fire safety and then went outside to see the fire trucks and all the equipment. The children had a great time while learning all about fire prevention and safety. Click here for more photos.

National Walk to School Day

Wednesday, October 8th was National Walk to School Day. Almost 300 Ashley students, parents, and staff members met at Walter and Martha Burke Park to walk to school. Thank you to Mayor John Dupray, Chief Tim Wiley and the New Baltimore Police Department for helping make this event a great experience for all.



Registration Forms

Archery Session 1
Archery Session 2

All Children Exercising Simultaneously

On May 7th, Ashley students participated in A.C.E.S. but due to the inclement weather, we exercised in our classrooms to an exercise video. This was done nationally for 15 minutes and was very fun. The children enjoyed it immensely and even the teachers had fun! Click here for more photos.



Are You Moving?

If you are moving out of the District for next school year and not attending Ashley, please notify the office staff as soon as possible at (586) 725-2801. We are planning for next year and need to project enrollment.

Empty Inkjet and Laser Cartridges

Thanks for sending in your empty inkjet and laser cartridges. By recycling these, we receive cash for our school, while at the same time helping the environment. We recently received $76.00 for our latest contribution. Please continue to send in your empty cartridges. Thanks for your support.

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