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Vaping is becoming increasingly common amongst teenagers and, unfortunately, Anchor Bay
students are no exception. One of the biggest concerns with this, besides the evident health risks, is that most students don't seem to believe there is anything wrong with vaping. This is not the case.  Below are some articles that will help you, as a parent, inform yourself and your child(ren) of the harmful effects of vaping. To be clear, it is the policy of Anchor Bay High School that vaping, e-cigarettes, and other similar devices are not allowed on school grounds and discipline for first offenses will be five days suspension.

PDF DocumentParent Letter - 01/18/19

PDF DocumentVaping - What You Need to Know And How to Talk With Your Kids About Vaping

PDF DocumentVaping and E-Cigarettes Information

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PDF DocumentConcerns Explode Over New Health Risks of Vaping

PDF DocumentHigh School vapors often become heavy smokers

PDF DocumentE-Cigarettes Pose Risks

PDF DocumentCommercially Legalized Marijuana Should Be A Public Health Concern

PDF DocumentChildren and Teen Programs from Macomb Family Services

PDF DocumentClinical Programs from Macomb Family Services

PDF DocumentMarijuana Talking Points

PDF DocumentMarijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

PDF DocumentVaping and E-Cigaretttes - "Nicotine's New Frontier"

PDF DocumentMichigan's New Cyberbullying Law - Detroit Free Press

PDF DocumentDanger of Vape Surgeon Gen Article

PDF Document2019 Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Resources

PDF DocumentKnow the Risks (E-Cigarettes & Young People)

PDF DocumentVaping is Dangerous

PDF DocumentTeens Underestimate the Health Risks of Vaping

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PDF DocumentJuul Ramped up Nicotine Levels

PDF DocumentTruth Cessation Program

PDF DocumentWhy Vaping is so Dangerous for Teens

PDF DocumentE-Cigarette Use Amoung Youth An Epidemic

PDF DocumentWhat-You-Need-to-Know-and-How-to-Talk-to-Your-Kids-About-Vaping-Guide-Partnership-for-Drug-Free-Kids

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