Women in Engineering

Introduction to Engineering Technology for Girls course is designed to explore the following related careers:   Architecture, Engineering, Mechanical, and Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Grades 9 -12

Foundation courses modeling "Project Lead the Way" curriculum where students dig deeper into the engineering design process by applying math, science, and endgineering standards to hands-on projects.

Special Field trips and after school projects partnering with local businesses in the community.

Course is one semester long for half credit 

DESCRIPTION: This is a special course designed to allow girls to explore the many technology related careers in engineering, architecture, digital animation, and employment in any of the above career fields.   Students will utilize state of the art computer aided drafting equipment and learn to create and edit industry standard drawings.  Most of class and instruction is delivered in an "on-line" environment utilizing "Cloud" computer tools such as Microsoft, Onedrive, and Office Suite.  

Completion of this course satisfies 1/2 credit for the Applied Arts requirement.