Air Force Junior ROTC - Leadership Academy

This program is designed to build citizens of character devoted to serving their community.  We offer a world-class 4-year curriculum which has been AdVancED accredited.  Our program focuses on students' strengths and weaknesses to help build their confidence and motivation levels.  Students are taught leadership skills and they apply them through various team building exercises.   We want EVERY student to succeed.  Everyone is welcome and we encourage an environment of inclusiveness.  Our program is designed to keep all students engaged.  We have 2 instructors that teach using very different but challenging methods.  So, students will gain much insight from 2 instructors instead of the same teacher day in and day out.  Our curriculum is different every day to keep boredom low and energy high.  We take multiple field trips throughout the year with nominal cost to the student and scholarships are available.   This program helps students prepare for a successful future.  We help our students plan their futures, including college and scholarship applications and recommendations.  Our Booster Club offers thousands of dollars in college scholarships.  Students love Fridays as this is our team building and team sports day and everyone can just relax and have fun!  Are you ready for the challenge?


For more information, please visit us at or Anchor Bay ROTC MI-931 on Facebook.