Indian Education Program

Dear Parents,  
The office of Indian Education (Title VII-A) grants money for educational needs of American Indian children. We have to know the Native students in our schools, their parents, and addresses, in order to qualify for this grant.  

If this applies to you, please fill in the Title IX Student Eligibility Certification (ED Form 506) form with the information that is requested. We need to know your child’s Indian ancestry. We cannot count your children unless you complete and sign a form for each child. If you have filled out forms in the past these need to be updated. The information on the form is strictly confidential.  

If you are the legal parent of an adopted Indian child or act in the place of a parent of an Indian child, but you don’t know the parent or the grandparent names, please write what you can on the form. Tell us anything you know about the child’s Indian heritage.  
If you have any questions please write me at the Office of Indian Education. We are housed at:  
Maconce Elementary School 6300 Church Road Ira, MI 48023 or call me at 586-725-0284, extension 1425.  
Please return the 506 form to your student’s school office as soon as possible so that it can be forwarded to the Indian Education Office.   

Susan L. Wrobel Project Coordinator