2022 Bond Information

Developing the Bond Proposal

     Planning for the November 2022 bond proposal started in the summer of 2021 with an in-depth facility review process. The review had five guiding principles:

  • enhancing educational programming by developing meaningful connections between classroom experiences for students and their future academic and career goals. At all grade levels, we want to place a stronger focus on Career Preparation and STEM programming;
  • · addressing aging infrastructure in our buildings by updating mechanical systems, temperature controls, roofing, and paving;
  • correcting geographical concerns by reducing student transportation costs and reducing the amount of time students spend on buses every day;
  • improving safety and security measures by enhancing building security and video surveillance at all facilities, installing emergency alert systems, adding classroom security door hardware, and strengthening building entrance security; and,
  • increasing building efficiency by reducing operational costs.

     To develop the plan, Anchor Bay staff and administrators worked with architectural and construction management specialists to identify and address short- and long-term facility needs. This draft plan was shared with residents and staff members to gain feedback about the project list. The next step in the process requires taking the finalized proposal for review and approval by the Michigan Department of Treasury. Once the proposal is approved, the Board will vote to place the bond proposal on the November ballot.

  The bottom line of the plan is that educational facilities in the Anchor Bay School District will be upgraded and structured to meet the educational needs of students. What is being proposed will take several years to complete.

     The plan will be completed in phases to prevent interruptions to student learning. In addition, students will be able to complete their education at their current school before implementation of the total plan.



Elementary School Facility Updates/Highlights

Combining Ashley and Lighthouse Elementary Schools

  • Ashley and Lighthouse Elementary Schools will be combined to save $19.5 million in operational dollars over 20 years.
  • Newer sections of Ashley will be saved, and an 83,000 sq ft addition added. This facility will become two schools under one roof. One wing will be for lower elementary students and a separate wing will serve upper elementary students.
  • Combining the schools will also address transportation inefficiencies and expand educational opportunities for all students.
  • Students will remain at Lighthouse until the addition is completed at Ashley.

Creating an Early Childhood Center at the current Lighthouse School Site

  • Lighthouse Elementary School will be converted into a new Early Childhood Center to serve Anchor Bay’s growing early childhood population. 

Combining Naldrett and Lottie Elementary Schools

  • Lottie and Naldrett Elementary Schools will be combined to create two schools under one roof. Newer sections of Naldrett will be saved and a 75,000 sq ft addition added. One wing will be for lower elementary students and a separate wing will serve upper elementary students.
  • Students will remain at Lottie until the addition is completed at Naldrett.
  • Lottie Elementary will then be demolished, and the site repurposed.

Updating Maconce and Great Oaks Elementary Schools

  • Maconce and Great Oaks Elementary Schools will receive interior, and exterior improvements, including updated media centers to encourage collaborative learning opportunities and career exploration. 

Planning for Student Enrollment Growth

  • MacDonald will remain the administration site but it can be brought back online as an elementary school if student enrollment increases.


Middle and High School Facility Updates/Highlights

Middle School Updates

  • At both middle schools, classroom technology will be updated, and the learning environments enhanced.
  • Media centers will be upgraded and serve as the heart of the school. This space will be used for collaboration, independent study, and small and large group learning sessions.
  • Career Technical Education classes will be expanded and located at Middle School South for use by all middle school students.
  • The Aquatics Center will be updated and a new broadcast studio constructed at Middle School North for use by all middle school students. The auxiliary gym at Ashley Elementary will be enlarged and will be used for Middle School North team practices.

Updates to Anchor Bay High School

  •  Anchor Bay High School improvements will focus on taking a large high school where there are wings for each grade level and making it a personalized and connected learning environment for all students.
  • Administrative and counseling offices will be relocated throughout the school.
  • The 9th-grade wing and Honors Academy will be maintained.
  • A Career Pathway Framework will be created by locating all 16 Career Technical Education (CTE) programs at the high school. Moving all CTE programs to the high school will save 45 minutes of travel time per day for high school students.  

Other facility improvements

  • The proposed plan will include the purchase of band equipment, expanding the band room to provide outside access to athletic fields, upgrading the auditorium, playgrounds, and art spaces, making athletic improvements, updating restrooms for ADA compliance, and replacing furniture. 


Goal of the Bond

Operational Goals of the Bond Proposal

Reduce Average Age of Facility

  • · District’s oldest facilities from 1955 and 1957 are replaced
  • · Average age of facility decreases from 49 years old to 9 years old

Reduce District Square Footage

  • Reduces square footage by over 90,000SF

Efficiently Balances District Student Population

  • Corrects facility use imbalance and creates equitable student distribution at middle school level

Correct Geographical Concerns

  • Puts Anchor Bay families closer to their school and reduces transportation time

Lower Operational Costs

  • Lowers operational cost by $2 million annually

Utilizes Key Existing Investments

  • Over 83,000SF of past bond square footage saved. Over 20% of new facilities will utilize existing square footage


Educational Goals of the Bond Proposal

  • Create Spaces for All Learners
  • Enhance Design Process Curriculum
  • Provide for Project-Based Learning
  • Facilitate One Anchor Bay Culture
  • Increase Educational Opportunities for our Students
  • Establish Personalized and Connected Learning Environments
  • Locate all 16 CTE Programs at Anchor Bay High School
  • Integrate Career Exploration Classes for K12 Students