Secondary Curriculum

Secondary Curriculum Syllabi

The curricula for the courses taught at Anchor Bay High School, Middle School North and South and the Compass Pointe Learning Center addresses Michigan content standards and benchmarks, grade level content expectations and national standards. The syllabus for a course provides a brief overview of the course content and expectations. Although teachers may have specific classroom rules that differ from their colleagues within the context of the district Code of Conduct, the subject matter and skills taught in a course are the same. Common semester and final exams assess course content.

Teachers of the courses in the Anchor Bay curriculum collaborated to write the syllabi. Parents can review the syllabus for a particular course by selecting fine arts, middle school or high school level, and selecting the core curriculum area, career technical education or electives. The course can then be chosen and the syllabus reviewed. The syllabi are subject to change from year to year. Questions about a particular class can be addressed by the teacher of that class. Information regarding the curriculum for a course or content area can be provided by the Director of Secondary Education.

Joseph McDonald
Director, Secondary Education