High School Academic Enrichment Resources

Our building administrators and teaching staff have worked collaboratively to compile enrichment resources that families can utilize for continued learning during our mandatory closure. These continued learning opportunities are suggestions and are not mandatory or required homework.  There are no formal student expectations to complete this work, or intent that it will be graded, but we encourage students to stay engaged.  

Printable Enrichment Packets

Printable Enrichment Packets (Pre-Schoology Resources)

PDF DocumentAdvanced Art

PDF DocumentAdvanced Drama

PDF DocumentAlgebra 1

PDF DocumentAlgebra 2

PDF DocumentAlgebra 2-AB

PDF DocumentAlgebra 2 - Honors

PDF DocumentAlgebra 2-P2

PDF DocumentAlgebra 2- Part 4

PDF DocumentAP Calculus

PDF DocumentAP Chemistry

PDF DocumentAP English

PDF DocumentAP Government

PDF DocumentAP Psychology

PDF DocumentAP U.S. History

PDF DocumentAP World History

PDF DocumentAuto

PDF DocumentBiology

PDF DocumentBroadcasting

PDF DocumentBusiness Computer Technology

PDF DocumentBusiness Management

PDF DocumentBusiness Management-Business Math

PDF DocumentCareers in Education - 5th & 6th hour

PDF DocumentChemistry

PDF DocumentChild Development I

PDF DocumentChild Development II

PDF DocumentChorale

PDF DocumentConcert Choir

PDF DocumentComputerized Accounting

PDF DocumentConstruction Trades

PDF DocumentDrama

PDF DocumentEcomonics

PDF DocumentENG 9 Intro to American Literature

PDF DocumentENG 9 Honors Intro to American Literature

PDF DocumentENG 10 - Western Literature

PDF DocumentENG 11 AP Lang. Composition

PDF DocumentENG 11 - American Literature

PDF DocumentENG 12 - British Literature

PDF DocumentENG 12 - Novels

PDF DocumentEnglish SAT Test

PDF DocumentEngineering

PDF DocumentEntrepreneurship

PDF DocumentEarth and Space Science

PDF DocumentForensics

PDF DocumentFrench 1

PDF DocumentFrench 2

PDF DocumentGeometry

PDF DocumentGeometry AB

PDF DocumentGerman I & II

PDF DocumentGovernment

PDF DocumentGraphics 1st & 2nd hour

PDF DocumentIntro to Graphics -1st & 2nd hour

PDF DocumentGraphics 3rd & 4th hour

PDF DocumentGraphics 5th & 6th hour

PDF DocumentHonors Biology

PDF DocumentHonors Chemistry

PDF DocumentHonors English 10 Western Literature

PDF DocumentHonors Geometry

PDF DocumentHonors Human Physiology

PDF DocumentHonors Physics

PDF DocumentHonors Precalculus

PDF DocumentHonors U.S. History 1

PDF DocumentHorticulture 5th & 6th Hour 

PDF DocumentHospitality Class

PDF DocumentInstrumental Music

PDF DocumentCadet Band

PDF DocumentConcert Band

PDF DocumentJazz Eensemble

PDF DocumentSymphonic Band

PDF DocumentSymphonic Band - 9th gr

PDF DocumentWind Ensemble


PDF DocumentIntroduction to Art


PDF DocumentMarketing

PDF DocumentMedical Education 4th, 5th, 6th hour

PDF DocumentMedical Education II 1st-2nd block & 3rd-4th block

PDF DocumentMedical Education III - 5th & 6th hour

PDF DocumentMicrosoft Office

PDF DocumentPE/Health Classes

PDF DocumentPhysics

PDF DocumentPhysics- Year Long 11th & 12th grade

PDF DocumentPre-Algebra

PDF DocumentPrecalculus

PDF DocumentPsychology

PDF DocumentSociology

PDF DocumentSpanish 1 and 2

PDF DocumentSpanish 3

PDF DocumentSpanish 4

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Algebra I

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Algebra II

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Biology

PDF DocumentSpecial Education CI All Subjects

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Communication Arts

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Economics

PDF DocumentSpecial Education English 9

PDF DocumentSpecial Education English 11

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Earth Science

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Geometry

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Physical Science

PDF DocumentSpecial Education Pre-Algebra

PDF DocumentSpecial Education U.S. History

PDF DocumentSpecial Education World History

PDF DocumentStatistics

PDF DocumentTars Academy Algebra I

PDF DocumentTars Academy Biology

PDF DocumentTars Academy Chemistry

PDF DocumentTars Academy Geometry

PDF DocumentU.S. History

PDF DocumentU.S. History II

PDF DocumentWeb Design II

PDF DocumentWorld History