Elementary Academic Enrichment Resources

Pre-Schoology Enrichment Packets

Our building administrators and teaching staff have worked collaboratively to compile enrichment resources that families can utilize for continued learning during our mandatory closure for COVID-19. These continued learning opportunities are suggestions and are not mandatory or required homework.  There are no formal student expectations to complete this work, or intent that it will be graded, but we encourage students to stay engaged.  

Please expand the grade-level boxes below by clicking on the "plus sign"  to view grade-specific resources.


PDF DocumentSpecials Printable Enrichment Packet

PDF DocumentSTEM Activity Calendar

PDF DocumentArt/Music/PE

PDF DocumentMandarin

PDF DocumentArt

Our district STEM-Technology teachers have been collaborating to organize resources for learning at home on their websites. Please click here to access these resources.

PDF DocumentK-5 at Home Reading Activities