Anchor Bay School District

Mission Statement

Anchor Bay Schools, in partnership with the community, will produce lifelong learners who respect diversity, adapt to change, and function as responsible citizens.

Picture of Sugarbush Elementary

Sugarbush Elementary

48400 Sugarbush
New Baltimore, MI 48047
(586) 598-7660
(586) 598-7671 Fax

Principal: Yolanda White
Office Manager: Lisa Leech
Data Paraprofessional: Jeanette Dell

Mission Statement

All students at Sugarbush Elementary will have the academic foundation, social skills, and cultural awareness to become responsible, productive citizens.

School Times

Standard Day: 8:36AM—3:32PM
Half Day: 8:36AM—12:06PM

Medication Request

Procedure for Administration of Medication (pdf)

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Are You Moving?

If you will be moving out of the District and will not be attending Sugarbush in the fall, please give us a call at (586) 598-7660 to let us know. It is very helpful in planning class sections and materials if we are aware of projected enrollments for the next school year. Your advance warning will also allow us to prepare school records for forwarding to the new school. Also, if you become aware of any new neighbors in your area, please encourage them to register their children as soon as possible.

Non-Custodial Parents

We are more than happy to cooperate in sending materials home to noncustodial parents, upon request. PLEASE REMEMBER TO INFORM THE SCHOOL AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SCHOOL YEAR OF YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS AND NEED TO RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION. A call to our building, (586) 598-7660, at the beginning of the new school with the appropriate information is generally all that is required to set the process in motion.

Head Start
FREE PRESCHOOL for 3 and 4 year old children who qualify

Designed to cover the following areas:

  • PARENT INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Early Childhood Education Classroom Volunteering, Health Services Substitute Aides (which may lead to a paid position), Family and Community Partnerships Shared Governance through Disabilities Services Involvement in Policy Council & Participation in Parent Committee Meetings
  • TRADITIONAL CLASSROOMS: 4 hours per day (M-Th). Bus transportation may be available.
  • FULL DAY CLASSROOMS: are offered for parents working and/or going to school full time.
  • HOME BASE PROGRAM: offers a weekly parent & child experience with the teacher in the home.

For more information and to find out if you qualify…please call (586) 469-5215.