Computer Programming

Anchor Bay offers a series of courses in computer programming for students interested in pursuing careers in computer science, web development, or engineering.    

Programming 1 - 1/2 semester credit               (Grades 9-12)

Course is designed for beginning programmers.  Students are introduced to programming basics, data basics, branching, looping, lists, dictionaries, functions, objects. and simple graphics.    Students use Python programming language. 

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1 with a B- or better, Algebra A/B with a B or better and Tars Academy Algebra A/B with a B or better. 

Recommended: Algebra I with a B+ or better and Algebra A/B and Tars Academy Algebra  with a A or better


Programming II - 1/2 semester credit                      (Grades 9 -12)

Second course in a series of courses aimed at developing and preparing students for a career in computer science.  Using C+ + programming language, students are taught all concepts that are taught in programming 1 course but additionally learn files, structures, and arrays.  This course is designed to help transition the beginning programmer into the immediate programmer. 

Prerequisites:  Completion of Programming I with a B- or better or teacher approval


Programming III - 1/2 semester credit                           (Grades 10-12)

This course is the first in a two-semester sequence introducing students to the Java environment, number bases, using the Breezy GUI, conditionals, and looping.  This course is designed to develop the skills of the intermediate programmer. 

Prerequisites:  Completion of Programming I and II with a B or better or teacher approval


Programming IV - 1/2 semester credit                            (Grade 10 - 12)

This course is the second in a two-semester sequence introducting students to methods, arrays, basic graphics, and the advanced applications of topics covered in the first semester course.   Students will have the opportunity to take the Advanced Placement test.

Prerequisites: Completion of Programming I, Programming II, and Programming III with a B or better or teacher approval