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  • High School Diploma Completion for Students ages 16-20
  • Day, Night, and Summer Programs
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Michigan Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Special Services
  • Online Classes

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Compass Pointe Learning Center

At-risk alternative education program for students ages 16 to 19 years of age.

Compass Pointe students encouraged to pay it forward

Compass Pointe students encouraged to pay it forward article in the The Voice More...

MME/ACT Results

2012-13 Macomb County Alternative Education MME/ACT Results

Rank School District Ave. Score
#1 Compass Pointe Anchor Bay 15.9
#2 Diane Pellerin Center L'Anse Creuse 15.7
#3 Macomb Juv. Justice L'Anse Creuse 15.4
#4 Neil Reid Macomb ISD 14.9
#5 Enterprise HS Warren Woods 14.4
#6 Mohegan HS Chippewa Valley 14.3
#7 Butcher Comm. Center Warren Consolidated 14.1
#8 Learning Academy Utica Schools 14
#9 Advanced Path Academy Utica Schools 14
#10 North Lake HS Lake Shore Public Schools 13.8
#11 Kellwood School East Detroit Public Schools 13.1

Compass Pointe

51518 Industrial Drive
New Baltimore, MI 48047
(586) 725-2205
(586) 725-2257 Fax


Coordinator- Robert Tidd
Office Manager- Michele Allen


School Times

Standard Day: 8:30am-2:16pm
Half Day: 8:30am-11:26am